L.E. Myers’ success is perpetuated by a common spirit of innovation and commitment to continuous improvement – a philosophy that drives us toward an exciting new frontier through utilization of small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS), or drones.

Drones can be a great asset on many projects and can help to analyze and assess a variety of job conditions such as existing electrical infrastructure, vegetation, topography, and potential access points of a right of way (ROW). These technology-packed, mobile-devices allow us to perform certain maintenance and construction-related tasks efficiently and with a greater degree of safety. They can also help to improve the efficiency of your workforce, reduce costs and risk, and digitize construction sites which facilitates informed decision-making for improved project quality.

Our current capabilities and resources offer several benefits:

  • Enhanced safety by minimizing the use of helicopters, lifts or climbing
  • Improved efficiency (i.e. pulling lead line in remote areas, evaluate potential access points of a ROW)
  • Obtainment of valuable preconstruction information not otherwise available
  • Provision of construction and/or restoration digital media to assist projects and potential disputes
  • Alternatives to traditional inspection and surveying methods
  • Captivating aerial photography and video of projects
  • Search and rescue assistance


Our on-site construction capabilities and resources include:

  • Lead line pulling for stringing operations
  • 360-degree structure inspection in hard to access areas
  • Viewing of site insulators on structures for transferring of deadend structures in hard to access areas
  • Materials movement examinations
  • Photography for site selection
  • 3D modeling and thermal/IR inspections


Inspection is necessary for detecting and identifying asset conditions and potential hazards before they become an operational or safety concern. Zoomable lenses allow us to inspect infrastructure in sensitive areas from a safe distance. We perform inspection services for:

  • Wood poles
  • Steel towers
  • Electric substations
  • Electric power lines
  • Solar power plants
  • Thermal power plants
  • Vegetation


Our surveying services help reduce costs and save time by:

  • Identifying occupations to help establish boundaries
  • Detecting obstructed objects in rights-of-way for mowing operations, asset safety and public awareness

Qualified Drone Pilots

Our team consists of FAA-certified remote pilots and a fleet of highly capable drones that are able to capture volumes of exceedingly accurate data and images for your projects. We also have several ITC certified Level 1 infrared thermographers and one sUAS Level 1 thermographer.

We follow strict requirements for drone usage, and all flights include company-approved and registered aircrafts, pre-flight checklists, maintenance procedures and visual observer standards. We utilize “Skyward,” a cloud-based, pilot/aircraft/mission management platform for all drone activities.

We are always looking into the future and seeking better ways to collect and provide our clients with the most useful data about their infrastructure.