quality FabricationModernizing the world around us through innovation

Maximizing workforce time by providing quality components

Sturgeon Electric’s value-add machining capabilities provide clients with a one-stop-shop, specializing in building information modeling (BIM)and custom fabrication, utilizing a wide variety of substrates, metal, wood, plastic, and more. You need power to build — our experienced manufacturing team provides both high- and low-voltage (HT/LT) temporary power (UL), complete with power skids to get you up and running.  Our comprehensive components and services include fabrication of custom junction boxes (UL), control panels (UL), duct bank plates (UL), underground duct bank racks, wire and pipe carts, wood tables, benches, temporary doors, lighted signs, custom metal fabrication, labels and engraving, and rental storage space for bulk materials. Our fabrication services are vast. When you need it, we build it. 

Optimizing field workforce with proficient kitting

Delivery and organization of products can significantly impact the success and timeliness of installing large complex projects in the field. Our proficiently kitting components and tracking fabrication — from build to field installation — streamline installations, providing clients maximum on-site labor savings while delivering optimum quality control.

Efficiently produced, backed by superior service

Our seasoned experts efficiently operate in a climate-controlled environment which saves time, increases productivity, and creates cost efficiencies, especially for repetitive quality manufacturing. We bring extensive experience and maintain open lines of communication with all stakeholders to ensure on-time delivery of quality components, which is backed by superior customer service.

Two Sturgeon Electric employees in a utility hallway smile for the camera

Pre-Fabrication – Saving time and increasing productivity

On-site pre-fabrication resources allow Sturgeon Electric to build assemblies in a climate-controlled and safe environment. These prefabricated assemblies are shipped directly to the job site, which significantly increases safety, quality, and productivity for project success. We manufacture power whip cables that meet the strict quality requirements for UL Standards and Certification and twist-lock testers, which result in a significant reduction of our field personnel’s time when testing voltage.