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May 14, 2018 Lineworkers Factor in Lunar Tides for Nansemond River Crossing


SUFFOLK, Virginia – If part of your commute involves donning a life vest, chances are the job you’re heading to isn’t a simple one. 

The L.E. Myers Co. (L.E. Myers) lineworkers who successfully completed the Nansemond River crossing project in Suffolk, Virginia for Dominion Energy can certainly attest to that. 

The scope of work included replacing the existing 1.3-mile section of transmission line spanning the Nansemond, a tributary of the James River, with five new 230kV double circuit lattice structures and two new 230kV double-circuit monopole structures. 

The concrete and steel foundations, built by marine contractor W.F Magann Corporation, were designed to reduce saltwater exposure and withstand storm surges. 

Sections of lattice towers were assembled on land by line crews, floated by barge out to the site and lifted into place by a 450-ton crane. An air crane was used to fly in the top portion of the highest structure, measuring 250 feet tall. 

Building over water has its own unique set of challenges, from scheduling work around the tides to controlling boat traffic below when helicopters are flying overhead. 

Established in 1891, L.E. Myers, the oldest MYR Group subsidiary, is recognized as one of the nation’s premier specialty electrical contractors in the industry and has significant experience with these types of projects. 

“This is a great example of our specialty work,” said District Manager Jeff Webber. “We’ve been very successful constructing other water crossings in the past, it’s something we feel comfortable doing.” 

The construction team’s ability to forge a strong bond with W.F. Magann Corporation, the folks who built the foundations and brought the barges, boats, and cranes, was key. 

“We’ve worked with this particular marine contractor before,” Operations Manager Andrew Tolley said. “We understand how they work, they understand how we work and what it takes to get the job done. It was a team effort out there.”