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Ameren Substation Program

Prairie States Switchyard  Oreana 345kv Sub2

Location:  Illinois

Description:  Since 2004, The L.E. Myers Co. has been performing various substation projects for Ameren throughout its Illinois service territory including new construction, additions and upgrades.  Notable projects have included ground up construction of the new Prairie Power Plant substation in 2010, which included (6) 345kV Breakers and associated switches and equipment.  A 345kV substation expansion was completed in 2012 at Ameren’s Brokaw location.  This project included setting a variety of 345kV equipment while maintaining the Owner’s schedule.  A sizable ring bus addition was completed at the Oreana 345kV substation north of Decatur, IL which included new circuit positions with several complicated outages, new breakers and line terminals.  Consecutively, the same scope of work was completed at the Latham 345kV substation, located 15 miles away from the Oreana substation.  Additions are currently underway at the Archer Daniels Midland’s 138kV North and Hans substations for Ameren.

Client: Ameren

Work Performed By:  The L.E. Myers Co.

Estimated Completion:  Ongoing since 2004