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Spearville 345kV Substation Expansion and new Clark County 345kV Switching Station

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Location: Kansas

Description:  This project consisted of an expansion to the existing Spearville 345kV substation, which comprised the installation of one row of  a 345kV breaker-and-a-half configuration, including two 345kV gas circuit breakers, five 345kV  disconnect switches and three control panels for installation in the existing control house.  Construction of the new 345kV Clark County 345kV switching station consisted of the installation of two 345kV reactors, three rows of 345kV breaker-and-a-half configurations including one control center, nine 345kV gas circuit breakers and sixteen 345kV disconnect swithches.  Both projects completed to support ITC’s Kansas V-Plan project, a new 345kV transmission line designed to connect eastern and western Kansas to improve electric reliability and enable energy developers to tap into the transmission grid, further establishing a competitive energy market in the state.  The L.E. Myers Co. is also constructing portions of this new transmission line.

Client: ITC Great Plains, LLC, a subsidiary of ITC Holdings Corp.

Work Performed By: The L.E. Myers Co. (L.E. Myers), a subsidiary of MYR Group

Estimated Completion: May 2014