Supporting SustainabilityBuilding a sustainable future for our people, clients, and communities

Our sustainability commitment for today, tomorrow, & beyond

Our core values of safety, integrity, creativity, responsiveness, teamwork, respect, and initiative set the foundation for how we conduct ourselves as a responsible business. Delivering sustainable value to our stakeholders and communities is part of this responsibility. We strive to ensure long-term business resilience while prioritizing the health and wellbeing of our people, environmental stewardship, and community development.

Through various programs, policies, and initiatives that address our daily operations, we drive tangible success in the areas of sustainability and social responsibility. Our senior leadership team provides oversight and guidance to see that our endeavors remain true to our values, ethics, stakeholders, and communities. 

Electrical construction partners in the clean energy transformation

We are at the forefront of the clean energy transformation under-way across the globe. As companies strive to meet energy goals and evolve how they produce and consume clean energy, their business models are undergoing significant change, driving increased investments in infrastructure, technology, and efficiency across the renewable energy space. As this sector expands, we are broadening our capabilities and resources to address these needs. We are leveraging our expertise and industry knowledge to elevate our position as a strong partner that delivers sustainable solutions that positively impact the clean energy horizon.

Empowering strong, resilient, & sustainable communities

We strive to unite for the greater good of our communities, while promoting sustainable practices and efforts. That’s why we volunteer time and contribute funds to support meaningful charitable causes that protect, preserve, and enhance our society. Through pro bono services that benefit local shelters, safe homes, youth centers, and more, we have and continue to empower our communities.

We continually look to make meaningful, positive impacts in our communities by bolstering these efforts, increasing our commitments, and maintaining a strict adherence to our practices that can make a difference. To that end, we also promote supplier diversity and provide opportunities on our projects and in our day-to-day activities for minority, veteran, women-owned, and other disadvantaged businesses and vendors.

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